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privacy statement

CHI 2002 maintains a policy of protecting your right to privacy.

Email addresses
On this website, you may choose to provide only the information with which you are comfortable. Email addresses and other information will be used for conference purposes only. Your email address and other information will not be shared with outside marketing organizations.

"Cookies" may be used in some portions of the CHI 2002 website. They are a way for the website to store temporary information on your machine to help identify selections and preferences you've set as you move between different pages on the website. Cookies may be used during a user session but they are not intended to track individuals between sessions.

Hit logs
Hit logs are maintained on our server to indicate when people have visited and what pages they have visited. Only summaries of this information are used and individual users are not tracked.

Third Party Service Providers
Just as we are fully committed to safeguarding your privacy, we are also committed to continually improving your experience on our site. As part of these efforts, we are working with Enviz -- a firm that monitors and provides us with analysis of a sampling of users' experiences at our site. Enviz is contractually prohibited from disclosing data it collects during online sessions, and may use that data only for our purposes and at our direction. Information on Enviz privacy protection measures can be found at You can choose to not participate in our user experience research by opting-out at the Enviz website:

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