CHI 2002 minneapolis, minnesota USA | april 20-25, 2002
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New This Year for CHI 2002
As part of our emphasis on transforming technology, we are introducing some innovations. These are aimed at making the conference more participatory and interactive, extending the conference in time and space, and making the conference more inclusive.

CHI 2002 is reaching out to practitioners with a Special Track consisting of three new forums:

The Extended Interactionary (cancelled) combines design and evaluation in a live, ongoing event. Selected teams will develop low fidelity prototypes based on a challenge problem. They then will test their designs, using conference attendees as subjects, and iterate based on the findings. Finally, the teams will take the stage to present their results, with a panel of expert judges and the audience scoring the results.

Interaction Design Portfolios provide an opportunity to present and discuss design work with the entire CHI community. Working designers, students, educators, and academics will showcase their work. Accepted submissions will be scheduled for 20 minute presentations, and authors invited to show their work as part of the demonstrations program. Special emphasis will be given to designs that have transformed or show the promise of transforming the way people interact with computers.

Usability in Practice showcases case studies of usability work in commercial settings. Submissions will detail the evolution of an interface for a commercial product or productivity tool, reflecting the impact of usability work on the final design and the reaction by users or the marketplace. Special emphasis will be given to work that transforms the way we think of usability methods or common approaches to design.
CHI 2002 will extend its presence beyond the actual conference by providing an interactive online forum - Potential attendees can learn more about the conference, committee members, planned activities, and other potential attendees in the months leading up to the conference. They may be able to submit suggestions and comment on proposals for some of the venues. People who register for the conference in advance will be able to read papers, and post questions and comments prior to the conference. Posted comments and questions will be directed to presenters and session chairs in order to enhance the interaction at the conference. Other conference venues such as panels, tutorials, and workshops may also provide such previews and elicit dialogue with conference registrants.

To learn more about CHI 2002, see the conference schedule and conference theme and special areas.

CHI2002|AIGA Experience Design FORUM
SIGCHI and the American Institute for Graphics Arts (AIGA)'s Experience Design community of interest have formed a cooperating society agreement and offer you their first joint event at CHI2002!

The FORUM is a two-day event preceding the CHI2002 technical program, with plenary speakers, panels, and in-depth design case studies. The FORUM will explore the intersections of the SIGCHI and AIGA Experience Design communities, including design and evaluation methods and methodologies, philosophy of design, and design artifacts. The FORUM will offer plenty of opportunities to interact with fellow design practitioners of all kinds.

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